Shadowlord (used) - Scourge of Heaven

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Shadowlord (used)-Scourge of Heaven The band Shadowlord is not a stranger in the regions around Novio Magus, better known as Nijmegen. Because of that, their debut MCD Shadowlord Empire was known to me. This album was never one of my favourites but when I first listened to Scourge Of Heaven it struck me that this album sounded a lot better. The songs are more varied and better balanced. Cor, their vocalist, also does a much better job. It all just sounds a lot better than Shadowlord Empire. Scourge Of Heaven also has many calmer moments, in contrast with the furious parts that are present on this album.

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Label: Black Label | Item Code: SLP 009 | Country: Holland | Year: 2003 | Genre: Black Metal

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