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Shadeworks-Sooty Limbs Shadeworks is the one-man project by Arnaud Nicolas (current drummer in Belgian metal band Icy Winds). Solo recordings started back in 98 (under the name of Icy winds at dusk) with the first demotape "Endless Snowfields". That intrumental was nothing but a rough sketch of what had to follow... Anyway, it got some favorable reviews in underground zines and some copies were spead around the world.

Two years later, the project changed its name to Shadeworks, with the idea to do something more professional, though still weird. The second demotape "Light Hiding In S_D architectures" was recorded in may 2000. It had a better sound quality, and got a very positive reactions un a lot of zines, magazines and webzines. Some tracks were included on underground compilation tapes.

The brand-new "Sooty Limbs" demoCD has been recorded in April 2001 on a digital 16 -track home-studio. Additional vocals were performed by Icy Winds singer Fae.

A huge promo campaign will be devloped in order to complete Shadeworks excellent pressbook and find a label interested in releasing the project's first album.

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Label: Self-released | Item Code: SHADEW | Country: Belgium | Year: 2001 | Genre: Metal

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