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Seelenlicht-Gods & Devils (used) Seelenlicht is the new project from Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R. / Horologium) and Butow Maler (Kammer Sieben) which brings together neo classical, powerful and dramatic folk/ rock mix, electronics and heady often dark cinematic wonder- it sees Southgate's distinctive vocals taking on a larger more varied and modern subject matters away from Herr's often older literary text and
Historically based work.

Southgates vocals going from his typically heady spoken word form to more dramatic/ harmonic singing that's quite deep in theatrical flourishers and feeling. The musically backing mangers the difficult balance between great, grand and organic air of the string textures, the cold and automated electronics and the more dramatic and bombastic dramatic electric guitar elements. Often this quite brought to mind a denser updated version of Coil's Horse Rovator in it's merging of electronics' and string power and the great feeling of end times. Through this is far from copy book stuff the pair really weaving an original and highly distinctive sound through out. Lyrically Southgate covers the meaningless, draining and drudgery of modern life over the three parts of diary of Desolation and the track Modern Saxon. Heady, beautiful and grotesque description of the sea and it's power with-in the two parts of Idle Thoughts on the Janus shore, cities consumed by fire on Flamme, as well as on other tracks more historical, mythology based lyrics and love lost modern murder based lyrics.

A great dramatic and varied work which pitchers Southgate's striking, heady and often breath taking descriptive spoken word and signing against Maler's powerful, cinematic and dramatic musical backing.

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Label: Cold Spring | Item Code: Various | Country: United Kingdom | Genre: Neo Classical

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