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Secret Druid Society-Restless (used) Long after we are all dead and gone, the planet will continue to go about its business. For aeons before humans existed and for aeons after we are extinct, Earth will cycle onward through seemingly endless ages, barely aware that we existed at all. It is from our own arrogance that we imagine Earth without humans to be a quiet place, an inactive place. If we were to look more closely, to listen more carefully, we may instead become aware that the planet is much more alive than we realized - so much more restless! Devoid of any form of life as we narrowly define it, the allegedly inanimate forces and physical features of this planet possess a life all their own! Rivers, oceans, volcanoes, the wind, the rain, the drifting snow, the erosion of rock, the eruption of mountain ranges - all representative of the activity, the vitality, the life possessed by the planet! Long after we are all dead and gone, the planet will continue to go about its business. The duo of musicians that form Secret Druid Society carefully carved, molded, and eroded drones and minimal dark ambient soundscapes, finally recording what had evolved from the process, in order to tell a story not of human misery, not of an apocalypse, but of what Earth has always done and will continue to do for periods of time wholly unfathomable by the human mind.

Limited to 500 copies, Secret Druid Society's "Restless" is presented in digipak format with an 8-page booklet, featuring short poems penned by the hands of the project's musicians. Music mastered by Darin Sullivan for Shadow Sound Design. Photographs taken by various photographers, with graphic layout by Eclipse Media.

1. Deserted World
2. Restless (Foreboding)
3. Lonely Moon
4. Phobia (Stones Are Moving)
5. Restless (Night is Here)
6. Dawn Over the Deserted World
7. Endless Ice Plains

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Label: First Fallen Star | Item Code: Varous | Country: United States | Year: 2010 | Genre: Dark Ambient

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