Sear Bliss - Forsaken Symphony

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Sear Bliss-Forsaken Symphony

The new album from SEAR BLISS, entitled FORSAKEN SYMPHONY is here!

Prime yourself for something special from this six demon ensemble. It is sinister, wintry and ethereal Black Metal music for those who have the courage to cross the threshold into the magical world of SEAR BLISS.

Musically, FORSAKEN SYMPHONY is unquestionably the darkest and most dominant album the band has ever done. There is a strong connection to the sound and the mood of their first album Phantoms. The detail that Csaba Csejtei, former guitar player and songwriter, returned to SEAR BLISS, contributes to the similarity. You can find those dreamy and enthralling melodies that made Phantoms such a successful debut in the Black Metal underground. The band's new approach develops their keyboard work further than previous albums. A tuba and brass section adds an even more bombastic classical touch. And the Black Metal frame of SEAR BLISS shows its purest shape on FORSAKEN SYMPHONY.

The sound of the album is left intentionally raw and unpolished to find the definite atmosphere that fits comfortably to the concept. It is Black Metal, but in a truly unique arrangement.

Lyrically, FORSAKEN SYMPHONY continues where the previous GRAND DESTINY finished. It contains the same stream-of-consciousness-type lyrics. Every word has a precise meaning and the way the lyrics fit to the music has much improved.
The song "Last Stand" will take you to a heroic field of battle where defeat is not an alternative. The hero will not plummet because his heart is fearless and he must take a final stand against his enemies.
With "My Journey To The Stars" our hero, now inspired by demons, searches for his identity when he finds himself lost in the infinte world of the universe. Journey with his soul and discover what you can uncover.
"She Will Return" deals with a mystical witch who has appeared on all the SEAR BLISS covers. This witch represents an olden goddess of nature in Hungarian mythology. She also represents the secrecy of creation - life and death. On the cover artwork of FORSAKEN SYMPHONY, she is ablaze on a stake. She dies...With this desolate moment the story will end. Our cover artwork tells this story well all the covers are in close connection with each other.
"The Vanishing" tells a tale of a horrifying vision. It explains that no matter how many years will pass, the demonic side of man will not change.
"The Forsaken" tells of a story continuing from the GRAND DESTINY album. It is the concluding symphony for a man who is betrayed by his own feelings and emotions. All hope is lost and there is no return.
"When Death Comes" explains the thoughts and feelings of a person that summarizes their life in the flash of a second. When death comes it changes all that matters. Time will become infinite.
On the "Eternal Battlefields" we rejoin our hero from "Last Stand". This time he is encircled by hateful demons. Today he must fall. But he discovers that there is not death for a great warrior, but a place in eternity and the endless life of legends.
"Enthralling Mystery" takes our hero to a further battle, past comprehension. He now discovers that he is enthralled by the obscurity of the demons and becomes one with them. He morphs into a man-faced demon for the rest of eternity and destroys the white witch in "The Hour Of Burning". The painting on the album cover is a direct reference to this song. The artwork was painted by Kris Verwimp again.

SEAR BLISS wrote and recorded FORSAKEN SYMPHONY with full dedication and possession. Their intent was to craft something that is far away from daily life and has nothing to do with earth-bound things. The lyrics from "When Death Comes" convey it well: "Everything came to an end, all I hate in this world is over, no more lands-religions-kings and boundaries, the battle is for eternity now!"

FORSAKEN SYMPHONY is recommended listening for late night when the distractions of the world are nominal, and it's easier to grasp the proper feelings of darkness. It is a 63 minute long passage to a world where the strongest demons dwell.


Csaba Csejtei - guitars
Zoltan Schönberger - drums
Istvan Neubrandt - guitars
Zoltan Pal - trombone and barytone
Oliver Zisko - keyboards
Andras Nagy - bass and vocals


Phantoms (Mascot / Two Moons Rec., 1996)
The Pagan Winter - In The Shadow Of Another World (Mascot / Two Moons, 1997)
The Haunting (Mascot / Two Moons, 1998)
Grand Destiny (Nephilim Records, 2001)
Grand Destiny re-release (Red Stream, 2002)
Forsaken Symphony (Red Stream, 2002)


European tour with Marduk in 1997 andgigs with bands like, Desaster, Gospel Of The Horns, Rise, Tormentor, Morrigan, Dark Tranquillity, Dark Funeral, Anathema, Kreator, Krabathor, Tiamat, Incantation, Ancient Rites, Root and Behemoth.

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Label: Red Stream | Item Code: RSR-0161 | Country: Hungary | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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