Scent of Flesh - Roaring Depths of Insanity

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Scent of Flesh-Roaring Depths of Insanity
Scent Of Flesh plays death metal where they combined the brutal force of the dry American styled dm with the old-school Swedish melodiousness and I even dare to say their guitar sound sometimes reminds me of modern extreme bands. And they did it without using any clichés. The music sounds familiar but I couldn't mention any specific band to compare them right now. It has many twists and turns so I can't get bored and that's a big advantage at a death metal band. Of course the faster, brutal parts are predominant with blasts and with the raging guitars based on classical death metal riffs, but you can find the melodies everywhere. It doesn't make the songs mellow just soften them here and there, to make you hooked more and making the overall production more enjoyable. The vocalist Niko uses low and higher growlings and as always I prefer the lower half-understandables. They combined the typical death metal elements with some interesting ideas, like acoustic gutiar, and the result is a strong debut album they might be proud of even years later. They always found the right tempo to keep the album rolling on with the pounding rhythms and that's a guarantee that you will enjoy every song. "Roaring Depths Of Insanity" is filled with strong and powerful semi-brutal compositions and I can't really choose stand out ones because the whole album was made from the same quality material but for the first listening, I would recommend these songs: "Cursed To Suffer", "Dark Years Of Torment" and "Feed The Greed". The sound is also good. I have problem only with the cover, it doesn't really tell what kind of music the cd holds.

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Label: Black Lotus | Item Code: BLR 043 | Country: Finland | Year: 2003 | Genre: Death Metal

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