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Saturnus-Martyre The first thing that touched me in these guys was the cover that reflects a very beautiful and well-painted painting with a dead girl lying peacefully on the water while her hands are tight and over her face there is a nimbus. Of course, though, there are many covers of albums that trick you since their content is for garbage! But in the case of Saturnus, things are not this way, since the content of the CD is nice as well! Saturnus exist since 1994 and have in their history an album "Paradise Belongs To You" and a MCD "For The Loveless Lonely Nights". Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky to hear something from these works of them, except a couple of tracks (the most) and without paying too much attention to them. But, "Martyre", I can very easily say that is a good album and with a very good production since "Flemming Rasmussen" is hiding behind the console who, as we all know, has performed the production obligations to bands like Blind Guardian, Metallica (Master Of Puppets, Ride The Lightning, ...And Justice For All), Morbid Angel (Covenant). In this CD you will find 12 tracks that offer you an emotion of melancholy, romanticism that merges with the melody of the atmospheric Doom/Gothic. The sound and the music of Saturnus reminded me a lot of My Dying Bride, Anathema and Theatre Of Tragedy (Velvet Darkness They Fear & Aegis era...) without letting that mean that they copy the aforementioned. Saturnus' music is not something further than the bands I have mentioned above, but they do not let you unconcerned since their melodies are not bad at all. "Inflame Thy Heart", "Noir", "Drown My Sorrow" and "In Your Shining Eyes" were songs that I distinguished from this CD. The rest? I leave them to your own judging, so that you will listen to them! For those who are occupied with Doom/Gothic and listen to Anathema (Gods!), Theatre Of Tragedy and My Dying Bride, then, it's time for them to listen Saturnus as well, who will spellbind them with the whole outcome of "Martyre".

Babis "The Metal Warrior" Antaloudakis

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Label: Irond | Item Code: IROND 02-252 | Country: Holland | Year: 2000 | Genre: Gothic Metal

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