Sammath Naur - Limits Were To Be Broken

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Sammath Naur-Limits Were To Be Broken Thanks to this album, the true potential of Sammath Naur's musicians has been noticed very quickly by other artists. Presently, Valeo plays with Vesania and Rootwater and Lestath has been a drummer of Esqarial and Darzamat.

Special 2 CD release containing 19 tracks
more than 80 minutes of extreme sounds.
2 video clips and Satyricon cover.

Special guest Orion from Behemoth and Vesania on vocals.

The name of the band has been adapted from JRR Tolkien's works and means "cracks of doom."

CD 1
1. Limits Are to Broken
2. The Endless Cycle
3. Ecstasy in Pain
4. Grudzieñ
5. Harm
6. The Pit
7. The Koor-Seth Tribe
8. Król-Duch
9. The Sinister Manifest of Power
10. Beyond the Limits
Harm /Bonus Video/

CD 2
1. Drowned Intro
2. Grand Liberation
3. Comedy on Earth
4. The Anhedony Domain
5. Pyrrhic Beat
6. Let Them Die
7. Eleven XXIII
8. Melody of Eleven Lives
9. Mother North (Satyricon cover) (Bonus Track)
On the Altar of Mars /Bonus Video/

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Label: Red Stream | Item Code: Various | Country: Poland | Year: 2013 | Genre: Black Metal

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