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Sadus-Swallowed in Black Reissue with demo tracks and a videoclip!

Sadus is one of the most technical bands of the Thrash/Death scene and after they had stepped strongly with their brutal debut album, they came up with a great follow-up. Although not as fast, extreme and aggressive as "Chemical Exposure", this album is still rampant, brutal and fucking fast. Some of you may find this album boring, repetitive and redundant. Well, I want to remind you this one has a bit more experimentation than "Chemical Exposure", so if this one bores you, then don't even try "Chemical Exposure".

The album kicks off with "Black" which is a totally insane, fast and brutal tune with some nice interplay, a blazing solo and pummeling drum work. "Man Infestation" starts out atmospherically and slowly but then morphs into another brutal thrasher tune that demolishes you with its insane double-bass. Next is "Last Abide" which is a complete riff-o-rama, lots of intense and abundant riffing and soloing was squeezed to fit into a short tune. "The Wake" starts out more mid-paced but then eats its way through your ears in a really thrashy pace showing intricate soloing and a perfect break before returning with a killer mid paced riff at about 3 minutes. Next is "In Your Face" which is a chaotic 50 second lasting track that moves at breakneck speed and as most of the tunes contains some nice fucking leads. "Good Rid'nz" has indeed some good bass riddance complementing that thrashy riff and the possessed vocals and harsh blast beats.

"False Incarnation" contains some death metal riffs a la early Cannibal Corpse, and a well-executed mid break. "Images" is another average song for this album, following the same formula as the others. Next is "Powers Of Hate" which has a fucking 100% old school thrash intro riff but then builds up into a primary death metal song, like for example the old Malevolent Creation or Massacre stuff. "Arise" brutalizes more than 10 thousand riffs played by ten thousand Pig Destroyers. It has again nice quick soloing and pummeling drumming. Finally comes "Oracle Of Obmission" that starts with an insane scream and then unfolds into another malicious sonic attack.

In this album we can find some excellent double bass drumming supporting that incredible amount of riffs and fast and intense soloing, tight rhythm guitar work, some sharp vocals by Darren Travis which resemble more to thrash style than death metal style and Steve Di Giorgio's prevalent bass, all the way through the album.

Conclusion: Get it; it's a great Death/Thrash album.

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Label: Displeased | Item Code: D-00156 | Country: United States | Year: 2007 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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