Ritual Combat / Deiphago - Accept the Mark

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Ritual Combat / Deiphago-Accept the Mark Quite simply some of the most violent and ripping black/death lunacy that has ever spawned upon this earth. Join these Warlords of death on their crusade of decimation and feel the wrath of the mighty!!!!!!!!!! Gatefold digisleeve! By: Mike Abominator

This is the soundtrack to the end of the world. 2 of the undergroundfs deadliest and darkest get together to unleash total fucking hell upon the earth. This split runs in conjunction with the U.S. tour the 2 bands recently did together. It all starts off with the mighty Deiphago, these beasts from Costa Rica (by way of the Philippines) deliver some of the most savage and fierce death noise ever to be put on a recording. They have been terrorizing ears and souls since 1989 and they wonft be stopping anytime soon! With great vengeance and furious anger, they slay with 2 songs, a new one gBeast of Annihilationh and a cover song by the classic Sarcofago gThe Last Slaughterh. If you have never gheardh Deiphago(you donft just hear them, you FEEL them as well!) Well, this band of lunatics arenft for everyone. They are fast, noisy and extreme as fuck. I mean OVER the line of extremity. MIGHT just be the heaviest and most ripping band of all time in that sense of pure raging fury. They are almost like a noisier Blasphemy. Also along for this ride to hell is one of the best bands around my hometown area of Los Angeles, the ever so killer Ritual Combat. These sickos spew forth some of the craziest black/death metal around. Vocalist/Bassist Psykho(who is also the best front beast around these parts of the world!)vomits his impure diatribes with the razors that he swallowed before the recording. Drummer Lord Doom is ALSO a total fucking beast with his war blasts from hell! Rudefs riffs are blazing and evil as fuck. 2 songs by these fuckers gRed in Blood and Deathh and gBlack War 666. This is REAL fucking black metal death noise. But it has catchy notes to the madness that are infectious. KILLER STUFF AS USUAL!!!!! Ritual Combat are one of the best bands around here right now and they will soon be growing their plague all over the world! ANY fan of true black metal death will love them! This split RULES and I feel is 666% essential to any true maniacs collection out there!

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Label: Red Stream | Item Code: Various | Country: United States / Philippines | Year: 2012 | Genre: Black Metal

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