Ravenous, The - Blood Delerium (Digipack) CD Review

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2005-01-05 : black fan
good gore metal!!
2004-10-07 : Patrick
RAVENOUS – Blood Delirium CD 2004 (Red Stream Prod.)
Oh, what a pleasure to my ears! Gore, gore, gore – I want fucking more! This is what I have missed for a long time - music that reminds me of old gore deathmetal bands such as AUTOPSY. Why did I mention right this band? Coz the RAVENOUS line-up mainly consists of the guitarist Chris Reifert. And there's also Killjoy from brutal band NECROPHAGIA. I guess there's also Danny Lilker (ex-BRUTAL TRUTH, S.O.D.) and finally Danny Coralles, to mention what the line-up looks like. Well, musically it´s basically death metal with gore fragments with intos from horror movies mostly of Italian production. Perverted and sickening vocal spewage is exactly what such a band needs to impress any freak. Sound is also cool, as for brutality I can highlly recommend. To be honest, it was the video clip what gave me the biggest orgasm, it was very well-done gore work named August Underground (which could be mistakenly recoznized as the same titled movie) even though the similarity is pretty big. Yeah, there´s a sick doze of porn images mixed with lots of blood, guts and piss. Overall, this is exactly the band which any horror lover is looking for. Get it!!!
take care

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2004-06-01 : damion : Link
the new ravenous cd is fucking killer an i can't wait untill the next cd
2004-02-03 : Martin brown : Link
Beating to death abused humilihate chopped in half and putted in a garbadge bag and let fly and worms do the rest! totally fucking pure sick trash and deranged death mental sickeness fromthe twisted mind of killjoy(necrophagia)and
and the pervetted chris reifert(autopsy/abcess)
the master of gore and horror and sickness what more can you ask for? totally the guinea pig audio carnage you have been warned!