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Psychopathic Terror-Fucker Psychopathic Terror, just say the name out loud, it feels good! Was formed by Pete from Diaboli, at a time when he had written some songs that didn't fit into the dark world of Diaboli. He found a gang of mad Finns to record this album with, namely drummer Matti Johansson from Korpiklaani, who is the only firm member together with Pete, and then guitarist Toni from Crystalic who did some guitar leads and Torsti who did some vocals, the rest Pete handles himself, he even drums on a couple of the tracks.

Musically the band delivers a furious blend of old school thrash with a good deal of death metal elements in the mix. The music has a good flow and the spiteful tunes are getting hammered out of the speakers, into the head of the listeners. The metal is very no-nonsense and straight ahead, there aren't that many original elements during the 8 tracks, but the songs work well and are getting delivered energetic and hell-fueled. The riffs are grinding, the pace up-tempo, though gets varied pretty well throughout the record. The thrashy riffs works really well, and the noisy tone the guitar has, fits the overall dark and raw atmosphere on the album well. There are several good guitar solos on the album as well, just check out the one in 'Renaissance Of Your Life (A Bloodbath)' or the one in the following track 'Vengeance In Black', great guitar work. The vocals are also pretty good, a tortured growl, dark and sinister and often purely insane and sick, again a fitting feature.

Pete sure knows what he does with his compositions, straight ahead metal with a lot of energy and good hooks, even though the music is dark, raw and noisy, there are many catchy main riffs and vocal hooks, which makes one remember the songs, and makes one go back to the album. The only 2 tracks that fall outside the music described above, are the 2 last songs 'The Society Is Full Of Shit' and 'Fuck The Police', which both are darker and more sinister than the rest of the material, almost a doomy kind of industrial we suddenly are witnessing, the material must have been written over different periods, it is obvious to think. Even though the 2 tracks don't fit into the concept of the rest of the album, they are quite well done and offer a wide range of hateful and loathing atmospheres. And the vocal effort on those 2 tracks is truly sickening!

"Fucker" delivers a good deal of classic thrash, hard boiled death metal and the 2 dark industrial tracks in the end, a good album with some good and energetic songs. Very enjoyable metal for a good deal of headbanging and dark emotions, a record well done.
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Label: Serpents Eye | Item Code: Various | Country: Finland | Year: 2006 | Genre: Death Metal

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