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Premonition-Fame Has A Price Involuntarily, people will spontaneously raise their hands and get to their feet as they are drawn into the energy of true metal created by Premonition.

Whether it is from true appreciation of the original metal movement or new enthusiasm for a sound that has eluded them, the audience will be
moved by the experience that is Premonition.

The momentum is building! The creation is alive, breathing, and growing!

The resurgence of metal by the veterans of the genre are here and claiming
it's proper place in a world full of hybrid music. The time is here for Premonition
to bring metal back to the States in the new millennium.

Founded in March of 1997 by Tattoo Frank (vocals), only true Metal
Warriors make the elite force of the Metal Machine called Premonition.

Adam Armaganian (lead guitars), is a seducer with his charismatic flash
and searing solos. The return of a brother, "Deth" Doug Mirly (drums), ensues
the very essence of Metal and has come back with fire in his blood.
The newest recruit, Milo (bass), brings with him an attitude and an
ambition that leaves no quarter.

Charismatic, ambitious, fiery, together this quartet smite all unbelievers in their
path. To see them live is to have the most intense experience which is so
mystical, you will return from the event somehow transformed.

Their music is past, present, and future at all times. Songs written years
ago still have meaning today. "What Is Wrong" and "From A
Crayon To A Pistol" are two whose lyrics are perfect examples
of this idea. All their music express deeper, more realistic views and
emotions than what is heard today by the whining, angst driven bands
being pummeled down our throats.

Their debut release, He Is Rising, was produced by Brian Fitzpatrick at
Associated Audio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in July of 1997. They received tremendous
acclaim and even captured the attention of the European market by spawning a hit single
"Mr. Heroin" on the Greek charts that topped at #8!

They manned a new assault with their follow-up release of Fame Has A Price,
produced by Erwin Musper at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida in December
of 1998. This release came with it's share of metal glory.

In February 2000, Premonition released their third full length album We Are Metal,
recorded at Ridenour Studio in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. The CD was released by
King Fowley's, of Deceased, own label Old Metal Records. The album is a miraculous
compilation of raw metal energy and talent. We Are Metal has taken the underground
metal scene by storm, selling hundreds in Belgium, Japan, Brazil, Greece,
and the United States.

Athanasoglou Kostas from Steel Gallery Records in Greece has claimed We Are Metal
as one of the best heavy metal albums of the new millennium.
Beyond the Mirror zine (Greece) has stated, "...if you put Iron Maiden,
King Diamond, and Manowar together, you have We Are Metal, a true classic
heavy metal album".

In October 2000, Daily Suicide Live was released. Half was recorded at
Bulldog Studios in Sunrise, Florida and half recorded live.
This CD has sold well throughout the world.

Their most current creation Prozac and Razorblades was released October of 2001.
Recorded at Ridenour Studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and mixed and mastered by
Mike Sheffield of Sheffield Studios in Hammond, Indiana. This album is a heavy metal
masterpiece - by far their best work yet. Prozac and Razorblades will set new
standards for heavy metal. Songs like the title track "Prozac and Razorblades",
"Psycho Stalker", "Killing For Her Savior" and of course - "The Power Of Metal" will
have all true heavy metal fans fists in the air.

In addition to releasing their own works, Premonition has been on numerous tribute albums
of artists such as Rush, Def Leppard, Saxon, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and a tribute
to 80's METAL. Tattoo Frank also appeared on Versailles Records "Firewoman" -
Tribute to The Cult - with Jake E. Lee of Ozzy Osboune fame.

Premonition has opened for such notable national acts as Cannibal Corpse,
Krisiun, Nile, Nevermore, Quiet Riot, Zakk Wylde, Thin Lizzy, Anvil,
Deceased, October 31, Flotsam and Jetsam, and the Impotent Sea Snakes.

All on their own, Premonition has sold over 10,000 units throughout the US and
Europe. They continue to be featured in both Europe and the US as an up
and coming Heavy Metal legendary band. Premonition has also been in
rotation on the radio and on internet stations in the US and Europe.

Tattoo Frank states: "We Will play anywhere, anytime, and stop at nothing to
keep Heavy Metal alive. We live for Metal, We die for Metal.
It's our way of life to our last breath".


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