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I've been sitting here for the last hour listening to Waiting To Wash Up over and over (its only a 20 minute release, you do the math) and I've really been able to get a solid grip on what this band is all about. Pink Razors take a brand of punk rock that isn't very challenging to identify (think Dillenger Four mixed with Discount) and do a bang-up job of painting their identity all over this album. Fun seems to be the chosen theme for just about every track of this disc. I think a major part of what makes Pink Razor so much fun to listen to is how attentive the band is to detail. One such instance of this comes out in the fourth track, "Sew It Seems". They're able to toss tiny melodic hooks into the speedy tempos of the verse before settling into a comfortable groove.

Upon my initial listen of Waiting To Wash Up I was a bit thrown off by the vocals. They sound as if the singer is not a day older than fifteen. I wouldn't consider that to be a negative comment about the band at all. I suppose the "young" sounding vocals is what made Discount sound like a logical comparison. Musically however the band functions on a healthy combination of cohesion and comfort. Nothing about this record feels forced or imitated. I'm glad to see Pink Razors treading new ground in the highly metallic Robotic Empire catalogue. A release such as this isn't anything to keep under the radar. I'd suggest giving this band a good deal of attention because they sure as hell earned it with this record.

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Label: Robotic Empire | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Punk

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