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Palkoski-Random Antagonist Complex Frank Palkoski is the living, breathing, talking, shitting, fucking, physical embodiment of the nine characters that are within him. One of those nine is also called Frank, but it's important to note the difference. This album, Random Antagonist Complex, focuses on Frank, intelligent to a maniacal degree, highly impulsive and extremely violent.

Notes on Frank's personalities:

Voice 1 is paranoid and anxious. This voice is aware of the others, but understands little about them or what they are capable of.

Voice 2 is a angry and hate filled spiteful and bitter consciousness. A true Shaman of Luciferian Misanthropy. Wishes to witness the extinction of mankind; all races, religions, and genders. Self destruction is not a part of this voice's constitution, however it is an extremely self loathing presence.

Voice 3 is confused and highly impulsive, limited to self awareness, and is apathetic to a overall lack of understanding the environment.

Voice 4 is a know it all; knowing more about the other personalities than they know themselves. This personality sees and hears and understands the others and is extremely wise. A trait that is essential to the survival of Frank Palkoski, the nine voice's human fortress.

Voice 5 is Frank. Hear Random Antagonist Complex for more details. RAC is the soundtrack to his experience.

Voice 6 is a full blown omnicidal narcissist spawned from the seed of pure blackness. A feared mass murderer, whom the other personalities avoid at any cost, thrives on imposing upon others to suffer horrendously. Due to the others fear of this voice, it is often represented musically and lyrically in isolation.

Voice 7 is tripping or stoned out of it's control or so it may appear at a quick glance. Very little is known about this mysterious character, even by the wise and noble fourth consciousness. Most believe this voice is heavily using extremely potent and experimental narcotics, though a conspiracy theorist may be accurate in the claim that this rumor is not true.

Voice 8 is a self taught killer of extreme precision. Early on in the development of this voice's presence the need for learning is quiet. Every moment and movement in this voice's perception can be broken down and fastidiously calculated to a precise solution. This trait explains why this voice is always found ten steps ahead of the other voices, and the other people in Frank Palkoski's earthly world. The cohorting of this voice with the third and sixth voices and a highly volatile combination, especially under the influence of the terrifying "eyes."

Voice 9 is inconceivably frightening and says very little, often restricting it's speech to a subtle whisper of utmost importance. This weight of this whisper is known to influence all others without their knowing it until it's too late. The fourth voice knows this personality the most, though very little can be said of that. Though this voice has no name, the other voices refer to this one as "the eyes."

These nine voices constitute the lyrical content of every song, the vocal delivery and the range of personalities that Frank Palkoski is comprised of.

"...pinnacle of vile, vomit-drenched death/grind. Armed with a particularly appropriate, lo-fi recording job, the band bulldozes through short blasts of speed-injected, Conserta snortin' rage that runs the gamut from short, less than a minute to slightly over a minute explosions (filled with blasting grind, throttling death metal, and crusty punk), to epic-minded pieces with clean guitars, and off-kilter, jazzed-out hysterics. Along the way we're occasionally gutted like cattle with a sloth-y sludge break, treated to some insane, and completely deranged guitar hysterics (the genius of early Cephalic Carnage shines through this crusty, cacophonous din on occasion), or tormented by oddball interludes featuring electronics, noise, chanting vocals, free-jazz experimentation, and sound bytes."

"This is quite an ambitious album. Palkoski have put out the Welcome to Sky Valley of grindcore experiences. Their new album, The Oblivious Ape (Who Covets Its Own) is one half hour long track of Enemy Soil having a severe nervous breakdown with psychotic screaming/growling vocals from madman Kerch (the man of a million bands), frantic blast beats, hyper intensive snare drum surgery, crusty grind riffs, blackened tremolo licks, chimes, flute, synths, jazzy Zappa-esque interludes with spoken word, Middle Eastern flavor, noise, clean guitars, schizophrenia, dementia, disassociation, multiple personality disorder, and a partridge in a pear tree."
Palkoski's line up includes members who's previous projects include Vog, Ol

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Label: Satan Rock Records | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2010 | Genre: Grind

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