Paganizer - Promoting Total Death

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Paganizer-Promoting Total Death Deathy thrash from Sweden. Aggressive and uncompromising death metal with catchy thrash elements. Will appeal to fans of death and thrash metal. : Pagaziner releases a good debut CD in 1999 entitled Deadbanger but they knew some problems since this date 'cause their previous label Psychic Scream should release this new album but due to the delay, Pagaziner decided to join Forever Underground that releases the new album. If you like the hell-metal that is to say the music played by Bewitched or Witchery, you will be interested by Pagaziner 'cause the Swedish band plays a musical way near of these bands but with a little Meshuggah touch. A good new CD, hell-metal as I said and for me, I am satisfied by the musical played by the band, it is a good CD...

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Label: Forever Underground | Item Code: FU 004 | Country: Sweden | Year: 2001 | Genre: Death Metal

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