Paganizer - Deadbanger / Promoting Total Death / Dead Unburied / Warlust

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Paganizer-Deadbanger / Promoting Total Death / Dead Unburied / Warlust
Paganizer started out as a four piece in late 1998 when Rogga and former drummer Jocke decided to start up a new band playing some old school thrash/death.Rogga and Jocke got in touch with some friends for guitar and bass playing (Dea and Diener) and recorded their first demo just a month later. That demo led to a deal with Malaysian label Psychic Scream Entertainment and Paganizer went on to record their debut CD "Deadbanger" which was released 1999. However, Paganizer had lost their concept since Rogga was busy with other projects and didn't write the music so the debut ended up being a retro thrash album in the vein of other Swedish bands like Witchery and Bewitched.

During 2000 drummer Jocke left Paganizer due to a back injury and the band was more or less put on hold until Psychic Scream wanted another CD. Motivated once again Rogga got in touch with a drummer from another local band and in three weeks had written and recorded a new album.

This time Rogga wrote 95% of the music again so the death was put back in the metal. After recording the CD Psychic Scream got into censorship trouble in Asia and the CD was delayed. Paganizer decided to search for another label with the consent of Psychic Scream. The search ended when Paganizer was introduced to Forever Underground Records by Fernando of Black Hole Magazine. Now with a secure lineup and a new record label Paganizer's second album "Promoting Total Death" was unleashed on June 26th, 2001.

Paganizer began writing new material for another full length almost immediately after the release of "Promoting Total Death". From July 2001 to April 2002 Paganizer wrote new material refined their sound and added a fourth member to the band. With the addition of a fourth man Paganizer's sound became more complex, more full and more brutal. The material written for "Dead Unburied", the bands third release will shatter all their previous material and earn them much needed attention from the underground.

Paganizer's new full length "Dead Unburied" was recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studio in April of 2002. Guest vocals were performed by Jorgen Sandstrom (Ex-Grave vocalist). With a superior production and killer artwork by Mike Bohatch ( Paganizer will gain worldwide exposure and is one of the best up and coming bands in the underground.

After the release of 'Promoting Total Death' and 'Dead Unburied' Paganizer decided to move to a European label for help in promoting themselves closer to home and to have a better way of playing fests, shows, etc. Since then Paganizer released 3 albums that were all a bit different from each other while still retaining their Swedish Death metal sound.

Since that time both 'Promoting Total Death' and 'Dead Unburied' went out of print. After several discussions and brain storming session the decision was made jointly between FU Records and Rogga to release both albums on one CD. That idea eventually turned into a double CD release which would contain both Forever Underground releases as well as the out of print 'Deadbanger' CD which was released by the now defunct Psychic Scream Records and an unreleased MCD titled 'Warlust' All four of these albums are being released on a special double CD set. Overall this has to be one of the best values in a while as you will get the first four releases by this band for one price. A low print run of 1000 will be made. This is to be released in March 2005 and will most likely be the final release by this band as they have since parted ways.

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Label: Forever Underground | Item Code: FU 024 | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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