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Outpatients-Test of Time This band certainly have every right to call their new album, the first in almost five years, "Test Of Time," having toiled since '82 or so . And I'm glad they're still hanging in there, dishing out power-packed material . No grunge, no industrial, nothing trendy, just well-played hardcore-tinged metal. Tight and intricate, but with ruthless proficiency. The 'Patients dip into their oldies catalog for "Fight," a ravenous speed bomb first heard on the "Bands That Could Be God" compilation eons ago, as well as "Little Kings," from their '85 demo . "Where I've Been" combines thrash tempos with a hooky chorus. Persistence may not always pay off and, in this world of talentless grind/death/doom merchants scoring record contracts, while a band as talented as the Outpatients toil in relative obscurity, well, it just proves how fucked-up things are.

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Label: Free Association N.Y.C. | Item Code: Various | Country: Canada | Year: 1993 | Genre: Hardcore

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