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Our Transfixion-Our Transfixion Our Transfixion is a metal-core band originating from Greenville, IL; however, the band is primarily based out of St. Louis, MO. Around 2005, guitarists, Chance Schmollinger and Brandon Bollinger began rehearsing covers from metal-core bands of the early 2000's. They were influenced from bands, such as: Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine. Rehearsing cover songs allowed them to shape their tight playing and develop a unique melodic style.

Around 2011, Brandon had graduated high school and moved to college. Chance developed many connections while finishing his final year in high school and met drummer, Jared Bruno. The two would periodically jam while Chance immediately recognized Jared's immense talent. Chance remained in contact with Brandon and eventually insisted on a jam session. However, before they jammed, Jared introduced bass player, Trammel Horton to the group. The three member band quickly became four before even having a single rehearsal.

The group played for months before determining lyrics and vocals for the first set list. Eventually, the band began to play a slew of local shows for nearly a year--quickly moving to lead-up band for national acts. Unfortunately, the band members went through a number of creative differences and bassist, Trammel left the group.

The band experimented with a few ideas then ultimately recruited an unclean vocalist, Sabastian Neudeck. With the vocals of Sabastian and his musical talents, the chemistry shared was undeniably significant. With a new lineup and their sights set high, Our Transfixion has become a force to be reckoned with.

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Label: Metallic Media | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2015 | Genre: Metalcore

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