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Onethirtyeight-The Sister The third release from London solo artist Onethirtyeight combines eerie, atmospheric ambience with percussive guitar riffs and chilling piano voicings. Coming in at just over 25 minutes, The Sister still feels relatively short - even for an EP. Yet with just four full-length compositions, the epic songs are all individually satisfying. The songs are almost categorically instrumental compositions, with vocals being added for effect. The notable exception is "The Squid Boy," which reveals a story detailing the limitations of modern technology with regards to those who are marginalized. The biting, sporadic acoustic guitar riffs would almost certainly be the most memorable part of the song if not for the vocal oddities of the track. Beginning as a deep, narrative growl, the voice soon becomes that of what is assumed to be the 'Squid Boy,' employing a pitch-shifted vocal effect giving a sound reminiscent of an infant. The organ-driven "Waldensian" takes a similar turn, using the cries of a baby to coincide with an unsettling progression. The closer "Alexandra Elsbeth (1864-1932)," a touching instrumental eulogy, employs a lead voice that is comparable to a combination of a muted horn and a talkbox-affected vocal line. While, for the most part, The Sister is more atmospheric than melodic, the ominous mood of the album will continue to fascinate through multiple listens.

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Label: Tuesday's Music | Item Code: Various | Country: United Kingdom | Year: 2006 | Genre: Ambient

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