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Ond-Ond Ond is the second album on Inner Gravity Records and was released around the same time as Mindspawn. With these 2 magnificent works I think IGR has made clear which path it shall follow in the future. Ond produces a rather grim, but especially melancholic darkness with percussion that gives the whole sound a more ritual touch, whereas Mindspawn dedicates itself to create more bleak nihilistic atmospheres. Besides that, Ond as well produces long monotous dark-ambient textures which will lead the listener in some sort of dreamworld. I wouldn't actually say monotous as the whole sound consists of constant changing sound elements that fade in and out, minimal whispering piercing noises and peeps.
With the first track, just as in Mindspawn, one experiences to be wandering or being caputered in some sort of underground dungeon. The music spreads through the vaults as a thick cloth of mist while echoic suffocating soundvibrations surround and hypnotise you. Here and there accents are made into the music with martial and even neo-classic percussion. The darkness increases in the 3rd track that sounds slightly different then what we've yet heard until now. Deep ambient and feedback drones form a thick wall where other sound elements seek and pierce their way through. Sequencing frequencies and yet again light percussion are added to the deep gulfing monotonous ambient textures. The sound gets more and more grip on the subconsious mind and gently takes you on a trip through unknown realms of your own psyche.
With the 4th track a somewhat more ritual darkness is evoked. The whole sound is build up by washing falls of ambientnoise and filled up with caustic vocaleffects such as in Profane Grace. Monotonous background textures are overrun by constant moving sounds and light ritual percussion with some minimal noisy sound elements. Also the next track remains in the more ritual vein, build up out of monotone sequencing drones, percussion and deep vibrating ambient textures.
As for the next 4 tracks one can expect nothing less then Lustmord alike monotone ambient, deep hypnotic mindtaking frequencies that last for more then just a few minutes. Dronings and hunting gasflame alike gasping sounds pull their way through the thick walls of this everlasting dreamworld together with a variation of sounds that form the perfect finishing touch and an original result. The 7th track again includes neo-classic influenced percussion lines and the last track actually differs very much from what we've heard so far. Beautiful, serene, mesmerizing and gentle melancholic flute-alike keyboards, combined with a dark rumbling background. It makes me think of bands such as Endura and Raison d'être, but quite not related in sound, only in the atmosphere is evokes, very touching!
I can only repeat my opinion once more, this is a quality product that definitely will please those who feel already in the mood after reading the above. If you're a Lustmord fanatic you better don't miss this one. 10/10!!! Recommended to listen this album in dark atmospheres with minimal or no light to capture and experience the full effect and power of Ond.

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Label: Inner Gravity | Item Code: Various | | Genre: Ritual

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