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Olemus-EgOd Oh, it will be hard to describe what the Austrian OLEMUS offer us with their "EgOd", because the quartet doesn't belong to a defined style or category. Gothic Metal meets intensified electronica, sometimes with a wrathful touch.
I don't know the previous record "Passionfall", so I can't refer to it in case of the development of OLEMUS, but the whole mixture is very catchy, crosses sometimes with some Rock music but it never loses in irrelevances. Vocalist Robert is also very versatile and he gives the songs another note when he screams, but mainly he sings in a clear area.

Altogether, OLEMUS sound pretty modern but never losing in trendy areas, apart from the electronically introduced keyboards and effects, which I can't befriend with and probably never will. In spite of that they stay catchy and plausible and the male/female duet "Cursing The Light" has absolute hit potential, whereby guest female vocalist Anela Srna do the most of the vocals.

Lyrically, they made a concept which differs from comparable concepts, it's about the awaiting of god until you realize that you have to take your life by your own and finally turning out into a sort of own-creator, a sort of an "Own-god". Not bad.

Although I was deterred by the electronical elements, I can attest OLEMUS a surprisingly mature record, which differs from the standards and with "Cursing The Light", they have a real hit. (Online November 23, 2002)

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Label: CCP Records | Item Code: CCP 100234 | Country: Austria | Year: 2002 | Genre: Gothic Metal

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