Olc Sinnsir - The Throne of Dead Emotions (used)

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Olc Sinnsir-The Throne of Dead Emotions (used)
Oaken Shield is one of very few serious record labels who deal exclusively with black metal and I'm glad to be reviewing yet another release from this promising label. Olc Sinnsir is one of several bands who were transferred from the late Chanteloup Creations label to the new-born Oaken Shield not very long ago. Sounding a little like a mixture between Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest, this Paris based band will probably appeal to many metal fans who feel at home in the dark, bleak soundscapes associated with these Norwegian purveyors of the black arts. A thick and solid production which still maintains the primitive and raw feeling that characterizes this subgenre makes this a worthy debut release from this young band that was spawned in the end of 1997. Furious and intense drumming precedes slower, more atmospheric passages just to be interrupted once again by brutal riffs and haunting vocals. Olc Sinnsir doesn't quite match the best bands on their label (in my opinion Blodsrit and Berserk) yet but they are on their way. Six years into their career they continue to leave traces of hatred and disgust upon a dying world. Insert into your stereo and prepare for darkness to fall.
Vincent Eldefors

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Label: Oaken Shield | Item Code: FPG 19 | Country: France | Year: 2003 | Genre: Black Metal

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