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Ocosi-Here And Loathing Step into the frenzied, rhythmic nightmare, ornamented scenes from living life in the blurred shadows. From the wierd, small opening of the disc, we fall deeper into 'Carrier', a strained, surreal signal from the depths that dissolves into the horror-movie scenery of 'Insex'. About seven other heavily crafted and chosen pieces flow and blast and dissolve out into a lake of fire, the conclusion leaving the listener hanging onto the edge of nothingness. Ocosi, for those who haven't been sucked in yet, make creeping, sublime darkhop like Scorn but with faster, edgier beats and more ambient downturns. Unexpected changes and catchy patterns collide into unique forms. Those who enjoyed the Radius Suck compilation, or Economi$ed will want to know that Ocosi or artists in Ocosi probably made half of the tracks on the former and a quarter of the sounds on the latter. These guys, Paul Molyneaux and Simon Smerdon are probably the absolute best at this darkhop right now. Their releases unfairly few and far between. Here's one of the best you will ever find.

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Label: Economy | Item Code: ER 03 | Country: United States | Year: 2002 | Genre: Dark Hop

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