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Norther-Mirror of Madness Special U.S. edition - exclusively contains the "Mirror of Madness" music video as a CD-rom bonus!!!

I knew pretty much what to expect from this second release from the Finnish band Norther, originally formed in 1996 under the name Requiem. Their debut album was released last year and showed very clearly the musical path they had decided to follow. Children Of Bodom opened the door for other Finnish bands when they debuted with their album "Something Wild" in 1997 and since then this sound built on elaborate guitar melodies marked with melancholy, enhancing keyboards and a lighter type of death growls has been adopted by many. One of these bands were Norther who have always been very close to Children Of Bodom both on a personal and musical level. Their debut album was a bit more black metal influenced than this one and they have now taken on a more straight-forward melodic death metal approach. The music composed by Norther is generally slower, more atmospheric and less complex than that of Children Of Bodom but they still have their fair share of melodies and guitar solos. If you don't have access to the extraordinary skills of Alexi Laiho I guess you have to work within your given limits. Another good solid release from the band but it doesn't quite match their debut album. Stand-out tracks: "Cry", "Dead" (not because they were the shortest to write...).

Review by Vincent Eldefors

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Label: Century Media | Item Code: CM 8158 | Country: Finland | Year: 2003 | Genre: Death Metal

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