Nokturne - Curse of Nazarene

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Nokturne-Curse of Nazarene
NOKTURNE scripts another chapter in the ancient pages of satanic Black Metal. Violence, blasphemy, hatred, misery, torment, are some of the influences on this disturbing release.

This monstrosity was vomit forth during the Nazarene Curse, anno 2002. Released in an impressive digipak, the band was thoughtful enought to include a cover version of "Devil's Soldiers" by DESTRUCTION.

The apocalypse is reverberated by: Malus De Azemodeus - Vokills, Drakon - Chainsaw guitars, Torment - Transcendental Guitars, Necrovomitus - 4 String Strangulation and Lord Doom - War Guns. Some may remember the band debut release on World War III records named "Embracer of the Dark Ages" and sometimes referred to as 'the soundtrack that unlocks the gates of Hell unleashing the bloodthirsty hordes of Satan's damned and tortured.'

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Label: Baphomet | Item Code: BAPH 111 | Country: United States | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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