Nocturnal Fear - Sterilize and Exterminate

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Nocturnal Fear-Sterilize and Exterminate We are NOCTURNAL FEAR. Formed in the armpit of the world Detroit murder city USA. We are comprised of 4 old-school front line vets of the Metal scene. We crank out a sound that could only be compared to the ruthless aggression of vintage German thrash Metal. But don't call us retro, unless you want your teeth removed, the hard way. We've uped the ante and will flat out crush any flavor of the month Swedish clone nerds, or blast wimps. Violence, warfare, destruction, hatred, and total annihalation are the name of the game.
We're serious and to the point, like a loaded gun in your face. Murder, rape and arson are the national passtime in this crappy town, and this environment has formed our sound to be as ruthless as possible. Our first demo "Pagan Rites" was picked up by rabid Metal fans all over the USA and Europe. Quickly selling out our stock. Attention from labels soon followed. The wimp satanic and nihilist bent of many underground labels was just too mainstream for us, so we were forced to tell many to fuck off and take a hike. We finally hooked up with the homeland terrorists at Unholy Records. This union produced "Sterilize and Exterminate". The disc has been taking back territory in the Metal scene that's been occupied too long by trendoids, posers,
and wannabees. The live shows have been devastating, and much of our success is due to word of mouth from satisfied bangers. Your saviors are here, NOCTURNAL FEAR has arrived!

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Label: Unholy Records | Item Code: UNHOLY 01 | Country: United States | Year: 2004 | Genre: Death Metal

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