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Nocturnal Fear-Metal of Honor True Thrash metal!!! NOCTURNAL FEAR; fear of the night. The most straight forward definition. However when expanded, it means fear of the unknown, and fear of the dark-side within us all. The realization that there is a side of us, when stripped away of the pretense of "society" and our social conditioning, will do anything to survive. The savage, primitive instincts that are kept at bay on a daily and sometimes minute to minute basis. The Human Animal. The civilized taboos against violence, hatred, and the ultimate taboo, murder are all archetypes of a civilized society. Yet the contradiction exists that almost every part of the world is experiencing some sort of conflict or war, in this present era. So called civilized nations have, through time, researched, striven for, and mass produced new and more ruthlessly efficient ways of waging war and killing their adversaries. They recruit and send their best trained, and strongest to die and kill for god and country. For every season there is a turn; a time to live and a time to die-a time for peace and a time to kill. And so the wheels of history turn. The toughest thug with the biggest gun calls the shots, until his time to shall come. War, the prowling beast, insatiable in his appetite for blood and death. A grim tableau of the human condition? Perhaps to some. To others the realization that WE the so-called masters of this Earth are only slightly more "civilized" than the beasts who walk on four legs, and most dangerous of all; The Animal inside each and every one of us, we struggle to keep at bay.

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Label: Moribund | Item Code: DEAD 143 | Country: Untied States | Year: 2009 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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