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Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus-The Child Must Die The CD starts with the wondrous Sampo music. Get overwhelming. Battery very fast and well directed with very strident rhythm guitar and more drawn cadences. Dark and aggressiveness transport us to the dark times. The sounds of the keyboards are very well embedded in the right time and mood of the songs. The vocal is excellent and well Original. One of the best I've heard in recent years.
In The Child Must Die is one of my favorites. It begins with well sinister and psychotic fingerings. Aimed at Metal-year 80e suddenly the purest and overwhelming black metal. Very fast battery with enough aggression and savagery. A lot of creativity in the rhythms and intervals with fingerings. Merging Metal 80s and 90s Quite originality.
LET THEM PERISH: One of my favorites. Drawn parts in the beginning. Flights pretty grim and macabre. Excellent riffs. Use of well-designed keyboards.
FEAST OF THE NORTH FARM: fast and aggressive Black Metal. Rhythmic drums, but with great technique. Somewhat resembles Black Metal 80s Excellent.
Amidst the WAVES: Brutal Black Metal 90s A lot of aggressiveness. Excellent battery work.
Vainamoinen: I just love this song. Stormy weather, dark and mystical. Excellent.
THE NIGHT SHE DIED: Dude !!! No words to describe this instrumental. Fingerings and goals. Gloomy weather. I found very interesting.

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Label: Infernal Kommando | Item Code: Various | | Year: 2015 | Genre: Black Metal

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