Necrophagia - Black Blood Vomitorium mCD Review

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2002-08-04 : Vikram : Link
The band has also released the mini-cd-"Black Blood Vomitorium" that contain 4 more tracks of corpse consummation,including the killer-"..and you shall live in terror"!!!( this cd has the distinction of being banned in 31 countries!!)as well as the most depraved,sickly home video ever made by a band- "Through The Eyes Of The Dead" directed by gore god Jim Vanbebber!, the video is also banned and is now available in the cut or censored version but the uncut version is the sickest and most disturbing video i have ever seen or will see.... fans of the macabre and the bizzare..get their full catalogue of releases and the video for the total Necrophagia experience! in this world of ass-kissin' sell-out and commerical music,walk away, become a necrophagiac and die happy! i have bought my ticket to sickening salvation..have you?????
2002-08-04 : Al Kikuras : Link
Killjoy and crew have unleashed a sickening beast this time around. I was a big fan of Necrophagia's debut release, Season of the Dead. I played the cassette I purchased oh so many years ago until it made this horrible squealing sound every time I listened to it, and I am sure I was not the only one. But no one expected the new Necrophagia to be this horrifying, not even me.

Black Blood Vomitorium is a completely oppressive, chaotic, repulsive slab of music that makes the skin crawl. Unfathomable horrors come to mind over the 16 minutes that comprise this EP. When the uninitiated talk about music that sounds like people screaming and dying, music that represents all that is wrong, evil and decrepit in the world, they had may as well be speaking directly about Necrophagia, and that is about the highest accolade I can give a band. This is music like the stench of a rotting corpse... breathe deeply, oh ye disciples of the dead. Never before has the decay smelled so sweet...
2002-08-04 : Jenn Matthews : Link
I always like there stuff, because they have the BEST sound clips from movies. You should be also on the look out for a new video coming out from them soon. Well just check the fucking interview. I like KillJoy’s vocals a lot here. The first song, there is some cool changes, it is real fast and then it goes into this awesome slower part, then changes again to another slower part. Real good shit. Only four songs though, not enough!!!!!!!
Monday, March 18, 2002 - 1:40:26 AM : pinkhouse428
this is one of their best. too short but every second they made count. fuckin raw
Sunday, July 15, 2001 - 4:33:16 AM : BARBARIAN
this is what i live for horror and gorror,fucking brutal music no fucking cannible crap i mean corpse shit here,die a vilonet death poser fucks.