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Nasum-Inhale/Exhale LP VERSION!!! So ya just got cut off in traffic by a snob in a Caddy? Or maybe you were just dumped by your girlfriend in favor of a WWF wrestler. Have I got the solution for you! Rather than take out your aggressions the schoolyard way with a rifle, put on Nasum at top volume and just watch your hatred and angst scream away. Packed with thirty-eight (is that special?) grinding raging tracks of blast beats, heavy guitar lines and two men screaming and grunting, there is certainly something here to soothe your beast within. As with many grindcore releases, the multitude of excruciatingly short and similar tracks can be exhausting if you try to sit through the whole damn thing, but Nasum has a stronghold over other generic grindcore bands in that they occasionally allow a groovy, heavy riff (as in "There's No Escape" or "Fullmatad") to sneak in and remind you there is music involved. The lyrics are surprisingly well-written, almost in that Minutemen world of brevity. Not only that, the duo received some studio assistance from Dan Swano, so the production is both clear and crushing. I may not be the biggest grindcore fan around, but this actually bears some merit and will appeal to fans of brutality and death.

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Label: Relapse Records | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 1998 | Genre: Grind

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