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Naer Mataron-River at Dash Scalding Other than the Scandinavians (Norway in particular) Greece would possibly be the next land in the fame charts for producing Black Metal bands and strangely I, a big fan of the genre, had never really devoted much time to familiarise myself with the Scandinavian's Greek counterparts as the little pieces that I did get a chance to listen to never fully took me to the same atmospheric coldness as the Norwegian necro masters.
Out to change my mind and my stance are NAER MATARON who play extreme Black Metal that takes influences from everywhere with tempos to rival and compare to "De Mysteriis Dom Satanas" era MAYHEM yet with a much more appropriate hate filled vocal delivery. The breakdowns and outside influences are also comparable to MAYHEM yet they have a more later day DARKTHRONE feel in their style and also strangely blend in many riffs and sections that could be easily found on Death Metal DARKTHRONE's "Soulside Journey".

The variation and experimentation with other generic riffs thrown into a blistering Black Metal styling keeps NAER MATARON ahead of many of their peers who have continued on a downwards path since the early/mid nineties (MAYHEM). Fantastic rhythmic percussion and some blisteringly fast sections which can be taken down in a split second to marching drums or fantastic fills also help this album to take an identity of its own and become solely NAER MATARON. It is the fills and changes that make this album what it is it and puts them on a level attained only by symphonic greats like EMPEROR while never having to resort to the keyboards to create that unholy black atmosphere. This is proof, if it was needed, that there are still bands with enough conviction and imagination to bring to life that majesty of the glory days of Black Metal.

NAER MATARON write about their ancient Hellenic Gods and bring alive that romantic history in full flavour which is another thing I have to praise them for, as where their Norwegian allies generally play a complete misanthropic grimness NAER MATARON have more of diversity in their themes and almost perfectly mirror this in their music. (Online June 6, 2003)

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Label: Black Lotus | Item Code: BLR 051 | Country: Greece | Year: 2003 | Genre: Black Metal

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