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2003-10-19 : Joe Sibley
Great stuff! Hail USBM!
2003-09-09 : Svantevit
Fuck you people who do no like this. The only thing wrong with this is that it isn't a full-length album. Black Metal needs releases like this to remind itself of its roots. Pure raw, infernal hatred from the USA.
2003-07-14 : Metal of Death
I have to say this album sucks too, fucking horrible norsecore darkthrone clone rip off bullshit with vocals that sound like he's got a dick in his mouth.
2003-07-02 : Shiver
This is some of the worst USBM I've
ever heard. Don't waste your money on this cd.
2003-06-25 : AteszEdison NJ
Raw sick, hateful, bad production black metal album love it very much and I have to agree
the Judas IScariot song kicks ass.
2003-05-24 : Anonymous Coward

The Judas Iscariot cover is better than the original! This CD is one of the best Black Metal releases this year and possibly...EVER!

Hails Nachtmystium