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Nachtfalke-As the Wolves Died Hunt and kill for gods and ancestors, battle pride and freedom for the pagan race, the wrath of the gods. The lyrical themes of the German band Nachtfalke are based on the Northern Gods and heathen beliefs. As Occulta Mors is very sincere about this, he replaces al w's and u's with v's (vhen the volves retvrn). The atmosphere he creates is folkloric and heroic by using an acoustic guitar and medieval-like melodies. The musical genre is Viking metal. Not surprising, some elements (and of course the ideas behind the music) are very similar to the music created by Bathory. Qourthon (already in Valhall) is undeniably a big example for Occulta Mors. Like on most Nachtflake releases there is also a Bathory cover on this one ("Blood And Iron"). In addition, some parts of this release can be identified as Moonblood, the former band of Occulta Mors. In Moonblood he played all the instruments; in Nachtfalke he also does the singing. In contradiction to Moonblood though, the music is very well produced and melodic.
As The Wolves Died is Nachtfalke's fourth full-length album.

It contains six songs and an intro and outro. "Wrath Of The Old Gods" and "Praise The War" are the two fastest tracks, also the ones that sound the most like Moonblood. "Let Me Die" begins with a tune that could easily have been taken from for example Nokturnal Mortum's "Lunar Poetry"; a slow and powerful Viking song with folkish elements. "Midsummer" sounds more dramatic, with a typical touch of Viking metal. "When The Wolves Return" is a bit different, since it is continually accompanied by atmospheric keyboard tunes. The last and longest song, "Blood And Iron", is a Bathory cover. Including the out of tune clean vocals (how much better can you cover a Bathory song?). The music is played mid tempo, as seems to fit best to most Viking metal songs.
In conclusion, "As The Wolves Died" is a nice release by Nachtfalke, continuing in the line of its former releases. The album creates a true Viking atmosphere and is well played and produced (though that doesn't influence my review, as I prefer the harsher washing-machine-sounding type of black metal).

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Label: Christhunt | Item Code: CHP 064 | Country: Germany | Year: 2004 | Genre: Pagan Metal

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