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2004-09-04 : Patrick : Link
Yet another Abyss Studios recording by Mr. Tommy Tagtgren (well also, Endarken Studios by Magnus Devo Andersson)! This time, Tagtgren undergoes a band that calls itself Nephenzy Chaos Order or just N.C.O. "Pure Black Disease" is a pretty accurate description of this 5-piece from the Scandinavian region as they certainly perform "Pure Black-metal Disease"!! An even better interpretation of NCO would be Panzer Division-era Marduk... no questions asked! As a lot of bands seem cloned from another, NCO have a crushing following and hence- the name. Not only do NCO play fast "no-holds-barred" black metal, they also mix it up with some very heavy breakdowns and mid-paced material as in the songs: "Total Abuse" and "Control". A very hateful offering indeed! To all blackened fans out there, behold!!!

Rating: 82
2003-10-01 : PM : Link
FINALLY! A black metal band who invest time and effort into their production. It really pays off too. Nephenzy Chaos Order (N.C.O.) recorded at the famed Abyss Studios with Tommy Tagtren and "Pure Black Disease" came out sounding like a million bucks. Coupled with N.C.O.'s great playing within the black metal realm, this turns out to be a great CD. This band have that cold, mechanized post-apocalyptic feel that really suits this style of music perfectly. The vocals sound inhuman and the music is basic, but brutal. It's really in the drumming, which goes from blast beats to double bass to more simple patterns played with robotic accuracy and tightness, that this album gets its atmosphere.
I can't stress enough how important the production is on this record. N.C.O. have proved that it's possible to sound just as primitive and grim with good sound quality. As a matter of fact, this album seems even more poised to grind you into oblivion because it comes out of the speakers louder and hits you with more force than the basement recordings usually put forth in black metal.

2003-09-06 : pm : Link
Title: Pure Black Disease
Artist: Nephenzy Chaos Order Date: 06.09.2003

Can you guess what it is yet? Well the album title gives it away a littleÖ itís Black Metal! But is it good Black Metal? Definitely.

This Swedish Black outfit have risen from the ashes of Nephenzy to form a band with a very similar name. Now never having heard any Nephenzy, I am at a bit of a disadvantage to say whether this band are better or worse. What I can say for certain is that this is an old school black album (no new fangled orchestras and clever stuff here) produced in the Abyss Studios.

There is no Abyss sound to this, not that Iím certain there ever has been Pete Tatgren has produced some of the finest albums in metal and Iíve never heard two that sound the same. The production is raw and earthy hearkening back to the days of the Fenriz bedroom studio where you almost expect the bandís parents to walk in and call them to dinner.

The music is fast and furious and well written and composed, the easy comparison is to Satyricon but the band definitely define their own space. They also win a prize for the sickest intro of the year ďitís just like when you first have sex you say are you sure this is OK daddy?Ē! I canít stop playing this at the moment, which is resulting in some rather large tailbacks on my reviewing pile. Excellent and an essential black metal buy.

Label: Baphomet Records

Cat Nr: BAPH120


2003-09-01 : PM
NEPHENZY CHAOS ORDER(Swe) "Pure Black Disease" CD'03. 10 tracks 47 min.
Can you remember the Swedish bands Dawn and Nidden Div. 187 ? Then N.C.O. is
in the straight same vein of B.M. This B.M is distinguished by high speed
tempo, neat guitar gain (without any rough crunch) and a great bunch of
melodies in the songs. Obviously the production comes from The Abyss studio,
engineered by Tommy Tštgren. Despite the many fast drummings, N.C..O haven't
forgotten to include harmonics and melodious riffs to not reach pure brutal
Metal. Some of the guitar playing could fit in old school D.M like staccato
riffs from "Thou Who Parts Flesh", while other interludes really belongs to
funeral B.M fields (a bit ŗ la early Dark Funeral). The vocals are in the
screaming footsteps, and mixed at the background. "Pure Black Disease" is a
good synthesis of 90's Sweden B.M with updated elements.