N.Y.C. Mayhem - The Metal Days / The Crossover Days

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N.Y.C. Mayhem-The Metal Days / The Crossover Days OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: The very first complete NYC MAYHEM anthology ever done (and probably the last) with material compiled from their very first rehearsals to their very last studio recording, showcasing how the band went from pure super intense Metal to highly energetic Crossover. If your ears are not used to rough recordings, go fuck yourself, this is not about clean sounding stuff! This is about music, feeling and creativity, NOTHING ELSE. This low-priced DOUBLE CD set features a collage of interviews, reviews, flyers, photos & band biography.

It's an established fact that Extreme Metal has become somewhat a household word with the billions of bands around all trying to make us believe that they're more evil than Satan himself, quite an accomplishment if you ask me... but before this somewhat tragic painting took place, there was a time when extreme Metal had a meaning because it had to be created, it had to be sculpted, it had to be built... with nearly nothing in hand! If VENOM paved the way back in 1981, the real fun started with the once mighty SLAYER pushing the limits like never before and in the process inventing the term Thrash Metal but for like any music style, it was just the beginning of more to come with the likes of SHELLSHOCK/ DARK ANGEL, HELLHAMMER, MASTER, MANTAS/ DEATH, DESTRUCTION, POSSESSED or SODOM. Still for some young Metalheads from this era it was still not enough, it was clear in their minds that the boundaries could be pushed on and on to no limits known to humanity... Bands like SEMEN OF SATAN or POISON (Ger) did it in their own way but in the process, the musicality was highly sacrificed.

By late 1984/ early 1985 in New York City, three die hard headbangers finally got their chemistry right and within a couple of months, mayhemic destruction was spread with many victims absorbing their newer poison now known as Deathcore: it was time to welcome the one and only NYC MAYHEM! Instantly, numerous sessions were recorded and traded in the highly active underground tape-trading scene. Fanzines were fuckin' hot on featuring this ultra fast/ intense band, with this new scene in their hands literally as people were freakin' badly while listening to destructive numbers such as 'Taken By Storm', 'Adrenalin', 'Ripped To Shreds' etc. With their lineup change, the band went into a much more Hardcore direction but the Metal riffing and sheer speed were still a good part of the sound. A reasonable number of local shows were played, having in attendance people like Danny Lilker, Tom Capone and Scott Rosenfeld. Unfortunately after a year of existence this very first real Extreme Metal/ Hardcore band ceased to exist and the members chose to pursue other interesting careers with bands such as the Cro-Mags and Sick of It All. You always wondered when/ how extreme Metal was born? Now you're gonna know about it and this will make you forget all the trendy shit around! HAIL THE MAYHEM! HAIL NYC MAYHEM!

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Label: Hells Headbangers | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2011 | Genre: Hardcore

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