Mystified - Passing Through the Outer Gates (used)

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Mystified-Passing Through the Outer Gates (used) Through the end of all things is a new beginning found! The Eulogy Series challenges musicians to create the soundtrack to nothing less than their own death, transition, and afterlife, as they see it in their own mind and in accordance with their personal beliefs - a task found by many to be emotionally monumental and intensely difficult! Well-known for short and mid-length releases on innumerable record labels around the world, Thomas Park (Mystified) has met this challenge by creating a full-length album that is worlds apart from his previous releases in both maturity and complexity, and in doing so has opened a new chapter in his own history as a musician. Having collaborated in the past with artists such as Robin Storey (of Rapoon) and Nigel Ayers (of Nocturnal Emissions), and possessing DJ skills worthy of note in Spin Magazine (11/2000), there was no question as to whether or not the potential for such a personal album existed; only through what form it would be birthed! As his body dies and his soul embarks on a timeless journey through an increasingly strange series of gates toward a place of final rest, we find that Thomas` aural vision is crafted with not only spiritual transcendence of this physical world, but also with transcendence of the narrow genres typically used to classify musicians. Ambient and dark ambient soundscapes alike are deftly populated by neo-classical elements, occasionally with an experimental twist! There are no comparisons to other musicians or albums, as this album and the journey within are distinctly those of Mystified! Dare you join Thomas on his spiritual journey? Or do you fear to leave this world behind?

Mystified`s "Passing Through the Outer Gates" is presented in an A5 digipak with silver foil-embossed lettering and a specially die-cut cover whose coffin-shaped hole reveals only a hint of the true album cover artwork underneath! Featuring David Demaret`s "Burning Souls" painting, with additional graphics and layout by Eclipse Media. Music mastered by Frederic Arbour for Cyclic Law Mastering. Each volume in the Eulogy Series is limited to 500 copies!

1. Eulogy for Thomas Park
2. Dark Transition
3. Lost My Body
4. Up Down or Out
5. Approaching Something
6. Soul in Motion
7. The Final Gate
8. The Soul`s Resting Place

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Label: First Fallen Star | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2010 | Genre: Dark Ambient

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