Mercyless - Visions from the Past - Live 1989 Official Bootleg

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Mercyless-Visions from the Past - Live 1989 Official Bootleg As well as drawing attention to France's curious propensity for producing metal bands with slightly misspelled English monikers like Agressor, Massacra, and Carcariass, Mercyless were one of a handful of French death metal bands to gain recognition outside their own borders during the genre's worldwide heyday during the early 90s. Founded as far back as 1987 in France's eastern Alsace region, Mercyless began recording home demo tapes by the very next year. The three demos that was released before the quartet of vocalist/guitarist Max Otero, guitarist Stephane Viard, bassist Rade Radojcic, and drummer Gerald Guenzi was signed by the Vinyl Solutions label was all released under the name Merciless. However they had to change name to Mercyless due to the existence of the Swedish band with the same name. The early demos established the band with a reputation for lyrics steeped in graphic horror and anti-Christian sentiments, perhaps best exemplified by their 1990 demo EP, Nauseating Vomit. This rare live recording is from the Chateau De La Pepiniere in France on the 7th of October 1989. This is recorded before the band had signed any contract deal so youll find rare live versions of their early demo material including some unreleased tracks. This album as been remixed by Max of Mercyless and its limited to 500 copies

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Label: The Ritual Productions | Item Code: Various | Country: France | Year: 2012 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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