Mars on Earth - Mars on Earth mCD Review

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2002-08-04 : Daniel Hinds : Link
A cryptic one this, not following standard black metal guidelines at all. The minimal artwork, depicting various space scenes, offers no clues, nor does the near total lack of liner notes. "Mars on Earth is: Gottfried Hell, Theodor Adler, Fritz von Eisendorff," but after that it is up to the music to speak for itself.
"Mars on Earth" is a damaged war march, filled with sinister snares and alien textures. "Planets" continues the cold ambience, but quickly introduces some harsh riffs, programmed drums and bleeding throat vocals. The disturbed, quirky rhythm does well to keep the listener off guard, while the synths grind and mutate throughout the song. "Die Stadt Ist Im Krieg" brings back the martial beat, with the guitar following right along only to soar off into feedback land between verses. "Bleeding Underwater" is the lengthiest cut and generally follows a slightly more traditional path (only slightly though). It is a good song, but the extended section at the end with clean vocals left me a bit flat.

Not sure if I could survive a full album by Mars on Earth, but this four-tracker is definitely a unique and enjoyable find. This one is for the more adventurous black metallers out there who are still curious to see where the more artistic bands can take the scene without losing integrity.