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Malevolent Creation-Eternal (Russian Pressing) - used Bootleg russian pressing replica of Pavement version.
HELL YEAH! This is one band that's a real pleasure to review, cause they have always stayed true to what they originally set out to do over ten years ago with their debut classic "The Ten Commandments". When you see the name MALEVOLENT CREATION on the CD, you know it's gonna be fast, heavy, and unrelenting in brutality. "Eternal" is no exception. They're not the most technical band, their shit is more about making you want to beat the living PISS out of the next motherfucker that looks at you funny.
A bit surprising is opener "No Salvation", a midpaced groover that is slightly out-of-place on an album that is primarily a Death Metal-version of "Reign In Blood", with song after song of sick blasting, courtesy of Dave Culross, who recorded this album at the tender age of 18 as I understand. Take a listen to the intro to "Blood Brothers" and say to yourself "HUH?", that's what I did anyway. Like DEATH, MALEVOLENT CREATION is well-known for always having a criminally-talented drummer.

"Living In Fear" might be called a Grindcore-song, it's so fucking fast, but of course it also has the chunky, groovy sections that MALEVOLENT is so fucking good at. The riffs are simple, fast picked and direct, perfect for moshing and thrashing, whether your in the privacy of your room or at one of their shows (which I'm yet to see, but once Hoffman gets out of jail, I'm so fucking THERE man). Check out "Tasteful Agony"! Holy shit! Can it possibly get any more brutal than that? Definitely one of the sickest, knife-to-the-testicles blast songs ever performed (why must genitalia accompany every Death Metal-review?), although their next album "In Cold Blood" took that brutality to an even HIGHER extreme in many ways.

Regardless, there is a vibe happening here that just squeezes your nuts (there I go AGAIN) like a fucking vice grip. The production is rough, meaty, and raw. Listening to an album like this is like a good bowel movement: you always come away satisfied. The only instrument that could've been clearer is the snare drum, but I'm really nitpicking on that one, cause it still sounds like a goddamn jackhammer!

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Label: Pavement | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2004 | Genre: Death Metal

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