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Lurker of Chalice-Lurker of Chalice With Leviathan: Wrest has poisoned the US Black Metal Underground with (3) now legendary works of pure black art. However their are many more layers and worlds of darkness for this artist to explore and contaminate the audio canals of the unsuspecting. With Lurker of Chalice: Wrest takes a different approach to some of his vokills. Incorporating melodies and harmonies that although just as bleak as previous works, create a unique grim atmosphere that explores the subtle dynamics of darkness unlike anything hes' done in the past. The songs are all composed and solely performed by WREST. Some of the songs are as reminiscent of : Fields Of The Nephilim (Elizium era) and Bauhaus as they are of black metal artists like: Blut Aus Nord, Emperor, or Burzum. Indeed it still reaks of Black Metal but this material drags you through new lows that are rarely reached by nowadays orthodox black metal acts.

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Label: Nuclear War Now! | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2018 | Genre: Black Metal

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