Lucifugum - On the Sortilage of Christianity (Haxpuctuxpawax)

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Lucifugum-On the Sortilage of Christianity  (Haxpuctuxpawax)
Ukraina's Black Metal heavyweights LUCIFUGUM with their fourth album of epic Nordic/Slavonic Black Metal reissued on Blood-Red Splattered Coloured-VINYL LP! Recorded in 1999, originally released on cassette by Russian label, Oriana Productions, and then on CD by the French Chanteloup Creations label (aka Oaken Shield Records) in 2002. This VINYL LP version released in 2006 on our own Records label is limited to only 500 blood-red splattered coloured-vinyls made!

"ON THE SORTILAGE OF XTIANITY" is a very epic and stirring Nordic-influenced Black Metal album with grim Slavonic vocals, relentless racing rhythms (featuring drums and percussion by Munruthel from NOKTURNAL MORTUM and MUNRUTHEL), and majestic classical-based keyboards (by Saturious, also from NOKTURNAL MORTUM)-- all contributing to a supreme atmosphere recalling early 90's classic Black Metal. A predominantly melodic, yet profoundly anthemic attack in the vein of NOKTURNAL MORTUM / MISTIGO VARGGOTH DARKESTRA, ASTROFAES, SKYFORGER, EMPEROR, GRAVELAND, HELLVETO, MASSEMORD / SYKDOM, and even early DIMMU BORGIR!
9 Songs; 44 minutes. (2006)

* LUCIFUGUM "On the Sortilage of christianity" Line-up:
FAUNUS - Vocals / Bass
BAL-A-MYTH (r.i.p.) - Guitars
SATURIOUS - Keyboards

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Label: Black | Item Code: BM.C 666-23 LP | Country: Ukraine | Year: 2005 | Genre: Black Metal

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