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Love Like Blood-Chronology of a Love Affair "Chronology of a love-affair", a cover compilation which can't be brought to you without any comments or background information. Since the day we announced this special project we got quite a strong feedback in many different ways. So let Gunnar Eysel, the mastermind of this project, say some words about this album, the songs and the reasons.

"Talking straight and honest there just has been two major points to do a compilation featuring a rough selection of 20 years dark music. One is, I always dreamed about to own such album, not the crap ones already available and not the original tracks, I'm talking about a compilation recorded by one single artist, familiar with this special and lovely music style who put all songs with a timely gap of nearly 20 years in a row and in one direction. But more details later. The second reason is, that we, Love Like Blood, wanted to have a break from the cyclical recording behavior we now practice since more than 10 years. To do a record, you know, different than all the others. A record you start working on acting like a little child at Christmas time or maybe comparable to the tensed vibes of our first records. This should not mean that we're sick of writing new songs, we just wanted to start working on a new album straight after "Enslaved + Condemned" has been done, but not on any regular Love Like Blood follower.

Particularly we have to emphasize that this album concept is related in no way to any kind of "our favorites" songs, not that kind of "evergreens or classics" compilations nor a trendy, meanwhile boring, way to grab a better public attention.

This compilation is dedicated just to ourselves, to Gothic music and its scene in general. Nothing more about it. We really appreciate if anyone now is getting into the early days bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus and may see the coherence to nowadays bands like Marilyn Manson or Type O'Negative. We hope that the ultimate Goth specialists, whatever this means, will enjoy the good old songs in an updated modern production as well as the later stuff played in a kind of "de-metallized" way. But let's talk about "Chronology of a love-affair", actually a historical book shaped as a record . The most important part of the concept has been the split into four "half-decades" and to select just four important bands each period. Therefor we collected the bands in these periods, in which they presented the goth scene the most, even if the chosen songs were recorded a couple of years earlier or later.

Why, we think that music always slightly change and move after 5 years. You will understand if you take a record done in 1985 and than listen to the same style recorded 5 years later. It's on hand that 16 songs and bands can never fully cover 20 years and for sure you will miss the one or other band. So it's obvious that this selection has been a pretty tough one and is a compromise between personal faves and important or influential bands of Goth Rock. Till this day and stage everything seemed to be easy and we never expected the later hard work. Quickly this album changed from a easy going side project to maybe the biggest challenge in our career. Working on the songs we first realized the difficulty of a Goth band doing Goth covers. It's quite easy taking Pop or 60ies songs and put them into the Goth style, but what can you do with songs of your own brand?

Just one strategy remain, we always tried not to lose the charm of the original, kept the time and all basic lines but playing them as they were new Love Like Blood songs. Adding here and there some new elements, may change some little things we haven't liked that much - finally the songs should sound fresh and new, otherwise we could stick to the originals. You might imagine that this took us more than one sleepless night.

Anyway, after four months of puzzle the first listen to the master tape seen some little tears of joy. An exceptional album for your and our pleasure has seen the light. Enjoy it as we do."

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Label: Hall of Sermon | Item Code: HOS 7074 | Country: Germany | Year: 2001 | Genre: Gothic Rock

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