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Love Lies Bleeding-Ex Nihilo Black Metal from France, this time the rather symphonic kind, with five tracks in 43 minutes (don't let the playing time fool you, the difference is silence and a bit song at the very end). Three guys together with the support of two female guest "chanters", orchestral and classically influences passages, does not exactly sound all too original, does it?
Well, at first listen it is not exactly something that you would regard as something outstanding. The problem is that also after the second, third and fourth listen it strikes you as a masterpiece. The fast passages are quite reminiscent of bands like DIMMU BORGIR, including the underlying piano- and keyboard-passages and Emrys' raspy vocals. The softer, more orchestral parts rather attract the attention of the listener, with the two female voices enchanting you and melodies forming a quite stark contrast to the often very fast tempo of the songs (with the drums sounding much like a computer).

Still the long compositions fail to impress me, fail to leave their mark on me, not being bad, but just partly sounding too common, not really standing out from the masses of similar sounding bands of this sub-genre. Adrastis certainly knows how to craft songs, but I just have heard too many bands of this style doing it still better (and tons that were far worse, of course), so there cannot be too much mercy with these Frenchies…

Die Hard Black Metaller, who like orchestral undertones and incorporated calmer passages should still check out "Ex Nihilo", maybe I have just grown a little tired of this form of Metal right now… (Online November 22, 2002)

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Label: CCP Records | Item Code: CCP 100237 | Country: France | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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