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Leprechaun-Used The movie that started it all. Warwick Davis from Willow plans a mean Leprechaun that doesn't like to play by the rules, and will kill anyone who goes near his gold. A somewhat delusional man named Dan O'Grady brings home the gold from Ireland after he caught the leprechaun, only Leprechaun had followed him and wreaks havoc until Dan locks him in a crate and attempts to burn him, but has a stroke. 10 years later, two people buy the O'Grady's old house, (they are J.D. and his spoiled daughter Tory), not knowing what is locked in a crate in the basement. Also there are three painters: Nathan, his brother Alex, and Alex's dim friend Ozzie. That afternoon Ozzie and Alex find the Leprechaun's gold, and Ozzie accidentally releases Leprechaun from his crate and he immediately goes on a killing spree and terrorizes the four friends, trying to get his missing gold coin back. Finally they learn the only way to destroy it is to go find Dan O'Grady, thinking he may know a way. They find him at a rest home, he tells them a four leaf clover is the only way. So now Tory and her friends must find a four leaf clover in a big clover patch before Leprechaun finds them! (imdb.com) Box is in fairly poor condition.

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Label: Vidmark | Item Code: LEP | Country: United States | Year: 1993 | Genre: Horror

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