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Lengsel-Solace Their name, LENGSEL, speaks for itself: It translates as "longing/yearning" in English, thus meaning mood-related words and music. LENGSEL in many ways serves as a vent of human emotions, but also as a way and place to perform and create art independently.

The outcome is highly personal, establishing a very poetic and spiritual reality and a wholeness in their art. And art it is, dealing with the inner thoughts and feelings of the writer: sometimes frustration, anger and aggression, sometimes emptiness, loss and sorrow, but all times embraced by love and hope.

In their songwriting, which can best be described as varied, complicated and at times chaotic Progressive Black Metal, they willingly turn to their roots and inspiration through the late 80s and early 90s (Thrash, Doom and Death Metal) but also to a wide selection of certain non-metal acts, in this way creating a more progressive & experimental Black Metal sound than found anywhere else today, crowning their music with originality.

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Label: Black Sun | Item Code: BS 020 | Country: Sweden | Year: 2001 | Genre: Black Metal

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