Kult of Taurus - Divination Labyrinths

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Kult of Taurus-Divination Labyrinths The Kult was founded by Sarpedon & Sythanagon in 2007.
Since the beginning one thing was clear.A path was necessary to be created.Thus,it took the form of a band with the addition of Platon(bass) and C.T.(drums).With this 4-piece formula the result brought forth 3 releases(2 demos & 1 split),several live shows and plenty of experience.
All of great importance unquestionably,but no importance is as high as that of the spirit!
Thus,the spirit grew intensively,the call was answered and gnosis entered..
Only then was the true purpose of the journey revealed.And with a purpose as such,our sinister hearts
as the vehicle and our ravenous spirits as guidance the kult continues reborn to travel through the hidden
mysteries,ever-illuminating...Attainment through sacrifice!

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Label: Forever Plagued | Item Code: Various | Country: Greece | Year: 2013 | Genre: Black Metal

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