Kretan - Christian Corpse Mutilation (used) CD Review

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2006-08-05 : Anonymous Coward
this cd is fucking great!!!
2005-07-10 : Wraith
The vocals on this CD are so brutal I almost puked when I heard it. I love it!!!!
2004-06-03 : evilone
it a great c.d. very cool
2004-06-03 : dameion
the cd is fucking badass a killer cd
2004-05-27 : chris-o-fer : Link
This cd bangs ass. It's alot tighter than sikfuk musically, and the riffs and breakdowns crush.
2003-06-07 : Black fan
This cd sucks the dudes voice bothers the shit out of me and easy on the fake satanism! This is the only band on comatose that sux!