Kreator - Out of the Dark ...Into the Light

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Kreator-Out of the Dark ...Into the Light Vintage cassette (used, but great condition)

Perhaps intended as a hold-over until KREATOR's next full length recording, this EP is an efficient and entertaining release which illustrates the bands ability to play other forms of aggressive music. "Lambs to the Slaughter" is a cover tune from a band I'm not familar with and "Gangland" sounds as if it is also a rendition of another group's song. Maybe someone out there would like to fill me in as to who they are. The only original track is "Impossible Cure" and three live pieces off the Pleasure To Kill album and the track "Awakening of the Gods" off the Flag Of Hate EP. I like the execution on the cover tunes and "Impossible To Cure" is a good mean song that stands firmly on its own. I'm not one for live tracks but those included on this EP are well recorded and remind me of the three live shows I saw KREATOR at. This is really more a collector's item and one you shouldn't let evade you. I see this EP in small numbers for the most part so might as well get one while they're still hot.

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Label: Noise | Item Code: 6WT 44267 | Country: Germany | Year: 1988 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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