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Koldbrann-Atomvinter Koldbrann comes from Norway and are not a very new band; I even guess you have already heard about them. Although they released only one album so far entitled 'Nekrotisk Inkvisition' it had no less than three different release versions: first it was self-financed by the band themselves, then by now deceased Scottish label Desolate Landscapes and finally by Twilight after they signed band in 2005. I had the pleasure of meeting the guys during the Serbian leg of their 'Balkan Inkvisition' tour in 2004 and must say that their live performance was even better than the excellent studio album. Now, here's the latest offer, on good, old vinyl, the Atomvinter (Nuclear Winter) seven inch EP. It contains two songs 'Atomvinter' and 'Sions Fall' in traditional, cold Black Metal style, similar to masters of Darkthrone from the last albums. It is mighty Black Art, cold and cruel in atmosphere and intense and deliberate in playing. Koldbrann is more about atmosphere than about speed, this is not in the league of the fastest BM bands, but it certainly isn't slow either. From what's presented here I liked the vocals and guitar parts the most. The vocalist knows well how to sound barbaric, evil and strong, but without any exaggerations within the limits of BM and the guitars are also very interesting at the same time they maintain straightforward way of playing riffs and nice, often background, melodies that enhance the grim atmosphere of 'Atomvinter'. The way songs are composed is firmly rooted in tradition with fast and less fast/slower parts changing places and full participation of all instruments in forming a song. I already said this might be compared to Darkthrone from their newer albums, but still this is essentially Koldbrann, with their maybe less misanthropic, but certainly more energetic approach, which I sure appreciate above DT's bigger-than-life image. The two songs are recorded with almost half a year interval between in 2005 so there are some differences amongst them with 'Atomvinter' being somewhat more aggressive and 'Sions Fall' more atmospheric, but it's still the same thing. Koldbrann are also expected to record and publish a new album soon, so I guess you'll hear more good news on them after this teasing piece of Norse darkness! -TartareandDesire.com

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Label: Apocalyptic Empire | Item Code: APOCALYPSE 020EP | Country: Norway | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

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